Do you have homework?

January 12, 2011
By scheidt917 BRONZE, Mt Prospect, Illinois
scheidt917 BRONZE, Mt Prospect, Illinois
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Do you have homework?

Yes, tons
I have at least one assignment
In each class and I have to study
For three tests tomorrow.

No, it’s not like I am there to learn
I’m just there to socialize
chill and wait
until that bell “ring ring”
at 2:50 to go
enjoy my real life.

Yes, I do
But I have no idea what it is
Because I didn’t pay attention
In any of my classes.

No and even If I did
I wouldn’t do it
I would just go out
And hang with my friends
Like I do every other day
Of my life

Never do
Never would
Never will
Never have
Never cared.

.Yes, of course I do
Its school I’m not there
To fool around
I’m there for a reason

No, I sat around
Did nothing at all
And all of my teachers
Told me to have a great day
And to be safe
And to not do drugs

To be honest I don’t know and I don’t care
And neither should you because its my life not yours.

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