Time to Change

January 12, 2011
One morning I was thinking,
that in place of merely sinking,
something different should be done this very day.

While my hands were cold and shaking
and each breath was short and quaking,
my head was running full of words to say.

Never moving, never blinking,
I would sit there only thinking
about things that had gone wrong in my life,

while the weather gave a warning,
it was very close to storming,
I went outside not caring what the strife.

Now I know why all my friends
came up with such crazy trends
to satiate their needs to play the part

of people in denial,
full of envy, greed, and guile,
which they used to steal my precious art.

My words dive in deeper
while in darkness act as keeper
of other worlds that I have yet to know.

I have no wish to remember
what happened last December
between me and another, quite a show.

We thought that it would work,
but I turned out such a jerk
to the one whom I had given my heart.

I should have seen this coming,
after all the ceaseless running,
that we weren't meant to be together from the start.

So now what I say to you
is most definitely true
so please do not think of me with dread.

I am glad that only clue,
and the others of its crew,
are simply figments of a thought within my head.

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hidden_forever said...
Feb. 9, 2011 at 6:23 pm
Wow! That is good.  I like how it tells a story.  Clever rhyming.
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