Shattered Life

January 12, 2011
Oh joyful people ‘round the Earth
Do you not feel my sorrow since birth?

On the bottom of the world, all the while,
Do you not see my faded smile?
Bruised body, eyes filled with tears,
Do you not sense my daily fears?

Around the world, covered with hate,
Are you not concerned ‘bout my fate?
Beneath my heart’s empty hole,
Do you not see my shattered soul?

Never to discover the truth behind my strife,
For you will not uncover it in this life.

It spreads through the shelters where I eat,
In the city parks and deserted street.
It creeps in the cloudy mist,
The reason for my torn wrists.

It’s found in the needle for my drugs,
By my tattoo representing the thugs.
It’s next to the bottles that I sip all day,
Under the bench where my belongings lay.

No one can help support my kids and wife,
For clearly… I have failed at life.

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