January 12, 2011
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Crawls out of her bed,
Make up running down her face.

She runs her fingers through her gray hair.

She gets ready
For her new job at the soup kitchen.

She wears black leggings,
A Baby Doll shirt and flats.

Before leaving the soup kitchen,
She puts on heels and a blonde wig,
For her part time job,
At an agency.

It’s Friday night.

After she gets home,
One of her friends
From the modeling agency calls.

They go to a club.
She wears a heel
On one foot,
A sandal on the other,
With jeans and a tank top.

At the club,
She speaks
Elegantly with an English accent.

When she gets home,
To her run down apartment,
She hops in the shower-
You could never tell
That she has
An English accent.

She walks over
To her cracked bathroom mirror,
Brushes her teeth
And takes out her dentures.

In the morning,
She gets ready
For her part time job
At McDonalds.

She goes to her vanity,
Grabs her black wig,
And gets ready
For a brand new day.

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