A Day Of Rico and Racu

January 12, 2011
By Reptilian-Angel SILVER, Partlow, Virginia
Reptilian-Angel SILVER, Partlow, Virginia
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What Goes On?

Each morning we wake,
In excitement we shake.
We rush with our clothes
Often arguing about whose is whose.

We join the others for breakfast,
Thinking of a new experiment test.
Broc yells at us to finish
So we can help him fish.

As Ki-ki scolds him for doing so
Racu wonders how low the fish would go.
Croc still thinks fish are a bad idea.
We never understand his criteria.

After we're done, we rush out the hut.
To often do, heck, who knows what!
As we gather our supplies we jump, whoop and holler.
Until Broc screams at us again for being a bother.

After gathering what we need
We head to our cabin.
To hopefully our invention, 2 hours in!
We sometimes fight through brawls then words.
But then we remember we're not yet allowed to call each other "Turds".

After 2 hours of working our tails,
Our prize is done.
To celebrate we got out to pull a prank, run and have fun.
We climb a paopu tree and we slid down the boardove.
But when Sari came around,
Racu sang that we fancied each other for love.

We found Doc and challenged him to a race.
When we won, you should've seen his face!
Afterwards we played "Cat Up A Tree".
Because if Broc caught and got a hold of us,
He would've pounded us silly.

After 6 hours he left, much to our glee.
So carefully, but sorely we jumped out of the tree.
Much to our stupidity, we forget the tree was over water.
So when we jumped into it,
I felt like smacking myself with a flyswatter.

We trained with Vixey and we drew with Ki-ki.
We ate apples with Peddy and fought when Racu tried to woo Sari.
As the sun began to set, we hurried to the hall for dinner.
We ate like savages until Croc told us to chew more slower.

Later, we stayed in the tub for 1 hour.
Then climbed into our pajamas.
After we which we played a twin game of "Bahamas".
Now around 9, we fell asleep like logs.
Groggily, we let Ki-ki kiss us good night on the schnoz.

With thoughts of fancy,
We hoped for the next day.
So we could have yet a new Twin game to play.

The End.

The author's comments:
Another point of view poem. I meant for this to be funny and I hope you find this funny too. This is told from Rico's point of view so don't judge me!

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