Phantom Heart

January 12, 2011
By Reptilian-Angel SILVER, Partlow, Virginia
Reptilian-Angel SILVER, Partlow, Virginia
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Here I lie,
In warmth and cold.
A sword through my heart,
My death is alone.

The rain then falls
Hitting my paling face.
It makes me linger
On how this all fell to place.

I betrayed my family’s trust
I let my brothers down.
I turned my back on my teacher
My beliefs were turned around.

I had finally given up.
I lost all hope and faith.
My devil side won.
I now leave this dreary place.

How could I have been so blind?
How could I have been so naïve?
Now I realize it was foolish
To actually try to believe.

Someone is screaming my name.
But I can’t hear them.
My soul is dissolving
Into my nothingness.

I finally realize it’s not rain
That hits my face.
Instead it’s tears
Of the one whom I had misplaced.

His dark violet eyes open in grief
As tears fall down his face.
There I see his grief was strong
While his anger was weak.

He sobs in apology
Though it’s entirely too late.
But perhaps being run through by him
Was my fate.

I weakly raise my hand
And hold it towards his face.
But my attempt to reach it
Was fruitless in sight plain.

Before darkness over came me
I murmured two words,
“Don’t forget . . .”
Would become my final murmur.

But as my final moment came
I now think of her.
The one who I thought
Would end my dispower.

My heart finally stops
And I smile in depart.
I close my eyes and think of her.
My Phantom Heart.

The author's comments:
This is once again another point-of-view poem. Only this time it's based on when one of my characters is dying.

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