Romeo and Juliet

January 11, 2011
By Ashley Hunter BRONZE, Brea, California
Ashley Hunter BRONZE, Brea, California
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Romeo and Juliet
A face at the window,
a tapping on the door,
A shuffle of the bed covers,
A clutter on the floor.

The creaking of the window,
time seems to stand still.
They close their eyes, just reach out
and life seems so unreal.

He’s there waiting,
she’s there praying,
fear prominent their minds.
Walking on a very thin line.

She climbs into his arms,
they hold so tight.
Entangled in a terrible romance
of love at first sight.

He kneels right on the turf;
where lovers’ first glance saw.
A tiny ring tightly clasped
in his dirty palm.

He looks into her eyes;
his face of fear now gone.
He holds her hand tight,
Her face full of light.

And there they stand;
in a trance of summer night.
He asks her if she loves him
she replies.

He opens up his hand to her
and tears fall from her eyes.
She now looks down onto the boy she’ll love for all her life.
He looks up to the girl he treasures more than life.

Their lips meet,
forever sealed with the kiss of life.
As lovers’ first glance saw,
the starting of it all.

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