im sorry

January 11, 2011
i'm sorry i yelled at you and said those hurtfull things

i'm sorry i made you fell like u could trust no one at all

im sorry for the things i have done to make you feel so bad

im sorry i ignored the fact that you've trusted me from the start

im sorry i hurt a really true friend that would,

always have my backwhen i need it

and be there for mi when times are hard

i'm sorry i thought you lied

i'm sorry i treated you like s***

i'm sorry i let you go through it alone

now you're at home crying

wishing it would all go away

i know how you feel and trust me,

it will all be okay,

i want to be there for you,

i want to be the one you turn to,

when you need someone to talk to.

so from now on can we be cool?

if you dont except i will undertsant

but always know

in my heart youll always be my wifey for lifey.

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