"The Sun That Never Rose"

January 11, 2011
By DomSimonetta BRONZE, Carol Stream, Illinois
DomSimonetta BRONZE, Carol Stream, Illinois
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Did you hear about the sun that never rose?
Dusk came upon this world,
but dawn never brought the light back.
The cold, shallow Earth, still rotating,
continuously, so very much alive,
yet dead, at the same time.
Life and death,
the rising and setting of the sun,
two very different things,
but similar in so many ways.
This world is dark, alone.
If you listen closely,
you can even hear the Earth’s weak heartbeat
underneath its’ strong, misleading crust.
This world does not understand
what it is slowly but surely becoming.
Grim, desolated, judgmental,
nothing but a baron wasteland.
The hate and greed that lives strong in our universe
will soon be our imminent demise.
It makes its’ presence well known among us.
It traps us, creating a cage of unforgiving steel around us
that prevents our progression.
Like a cancer, it eats away at us, our bodies, our minds,
until there is nothing left to hold on to.
All the negatives, they consume the light,
overtake it, secluding it into a never-ending darkness
that shadows over all of us like an invisible force field of blackness,
causing our once illuminated world to become dim, lost forever.
Our downfall is in our own hands now,
yet many people still wonder just how.
So when we decide to put a stop
to all the hate and lies,
that once lost sun will finally make its’ rise.

The author's comments:
My ideas, views, and opinions about how the world actually is today is what inspired me to write this.

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