To Speak or Not To Speak

January 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Life as it is;
Complicated, crowded, confusing.
Everyday, we hear the most overused,
Misunderstood words in history;
I love you.

Consider it now;
Aren’t all words misleading?
Why do we even need all these?
To me, I’m so socially involved
That it’s taking over my whole life!
All day, I sit in class, doodling,
Staring off into space, catching some Z’s,
Wondering what I will be up to
When that blessed bell rings at 2:05

Happy words, loving words, caring words;
Think: Love, spirit, joy, smile
Angry words, frightening words, disappointing words;
Think: Hate, apathy, woe, frown
What is the difference?
Maybe there’s a big one,
Maybe not so much.

Eight letters; I love you.
So many will compare the two.
Completely opposite
Like the devil in heaven.
But yet; always put together.

A world without words,
No, too extreme.
A world with limited words,
Yeah, maybe doable.

Would people keep wasting there words?
Would people like me keep wasting time
With friends rather than my family?
Why can’t I get it through my head that I need
The people who crave my attention most?

Maybe after school, I should just go home,
Write a poem, a story, even a movie.
Then when my sister walks through the door
I’ll hug her, and without a word;
She’ll know my love for her.

Before my older sister leaves for work
I should awake from my nap.
I’ll leave her with a smile,
Perhaps even a laugh,
So she knows how much she means.

When my mom finally arrives,
Dragging her feet through the doorway,
Maybe angry or upset from work;
I’ll have dinner ready on the table,
So she can sit, and relax.

Relaxation; something I need everyday.
I obsess and stress out over everything.
I pull my hair out over the littlest things.
Nothing more do I need than to relax.

Not to mention,
How much I wish my dad could relax.
With limited words;
None would be wasted on him.
As sad as it really is,
When I see him that one time every week,
I can’t throw up the words he really wants.
“Hey dad, I’m glad to see you.”
“Hey dad, do you have extra cash?”

To the rest of my family, a joke, a laugh,
It’s all too easy. To say I love you,
Or to even give a hug,
That’s something I’ve never had,
With all of my family but;
Especially with my dad.

Eight more letters;
Disgrace, and truthful

If I could only speak one hundred
And sixty-seven words,
I fear I would waste them on pointless,
Regrettable anger or gossip.
It’s unknown to me,.

Why I can’t seem to break my habit.
My stupid nails on a chalkboard habit.
I hope I would save the words for
Those who appreciate them most,
But I can’t say I promise that.

So in the end;
What’s more disgraceful;
I love you?
Or more truthful;

The author's comments:
This was based on an activity we did in class. The poem I was inspired by was actually a happy love poem about saving words for the ones you love. Instead of going down this track, I twisted it up and made it a deeper and emotional poem.

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