I Am From

January 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the softest of all beds
And from the smell of cookies in the air
From various picture frames on all of the walls
And from the constant sound of laughter over here and over there

I am from the palm trees swaying peacefully in the wind
And from the smell of freshly mowed lawn
From the wonderful neighbors who always say hello
And from the noisy bark of a dog at dawn

I am from a loving and caring family
And from unconditional love
With two more brothers and adoring parents
Where helpfulness, love, and compassion are present

I am from the sounds of the bongos and maracas
And from the smells of delicious foods
From wild parties and amazing dancing
I am from the island where fun and enjoyment never conclude

I am from love, enjoyment, and relaxation
I am from

The author's comments:
English assignment but I really like how it came out :) hope you guys do to

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