High School

January 11, 2011
Stop the taunting,
Pause the insults,
Rewind your pitiful life,
And move forward into reality,

High school isn't kindergarten,
Where taunting means you like 'em,
It means you drop the s***,
And grow up,

Should I spell it out?
Write it down?
Or perhaps give you some common sense,

Whatever the resolution,
There is no solution,
Despite the maturity,
There is always ignorance,
This is permanently embedded in society,

Nothing can stop the torments,
But something can be done,

Overlook the immature imbeciles,
Increase the peace,
And destroy the hate,

People were not made to be put down,
Or put on a pedestal,
But to be treated in a manner of respect,

It's not that hard.

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