Secret Life

January 11, 2011
By Dana Markech BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Dana Markech BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Her attracting soft pink outfits and fruity fragrances enlighten the hallway-
Disposing overwhelming dull beiges and unpleasant stenches.
Teased blonde hair rests under a white and pink plaid headband.
Not a single strand runs astray.
Perfectly polished fingers hold advanced textbooks.
Honor class after honor class. AP class after AP class.
Friendly smiles and "How are you today?"s always enter each classroom.
DING! Stays late yet the bell already screamed, straight "A" student.
Cheerleading practice to enhance the routine.
Cheer. Chant. Cradle.
Awarded the only perfect ten on the squad.
School-spirited duffle bag and homework-loaded backpack prepared.
Three missed calls, two voice-mails, and seven unopened text messages.
School wrapped around her finger.
Girls await her friendship.
Boys line-up for a date.

White winter hat, pink polka-dot scarf, fuzzy hobo mittens.
Warm layers bundle around her tiny stature.
Footprints graze the newly laden snow,
Slowly approaching the prehistoric, silver Honda in the deserted lot.
EERK. Swings driver's door open.
Carefully seated, safety-belt hugs across her tiny chest and waist.
Turns chipped radio knob; acoustic music fills the coupe.
Soft. Slow. Soothing.
Windows cracked, slight refreshing breeze embraces the rugged, black interior.
Eyelids close after seeing transitions of yellow then red.
Parks atop of the already dirtied snow, covering the embarrassing brown lawn.
Car exhausted, she removes the keys from ignition.
Jingles her colorful lanyard equipped with "BFF" keychains and pictures.
Eyelids shut. Breath inhaled. Hands clenched.

Unlocks the knob, but the door lock chain latch ceases her entry.
Mother slams the door to allow her inside, exhausted and undressed.
Face kissed with purple and blue, black smears down her eyes.
Reeking, dirty father screams from the La-Z-Boy glued to the TV.
Unshaven face, brown and gold stain his wife-beater.
Brother is unsurprisingly nowhere to be seen.
Eagerly rushes into her room.
Turquoise. Tropical. Tranquilized.
Screams from the television and her parents
Seep through the disgustingly wallpapered, thin walls.
Tears soak through her torn, unfluffed pillow.
Newspaper travel section covers the saran-wrapped and duct-taped window.
Clear blue ocean, luxurious green palm trees, braided white hammock.
Desperately whispers, "Take me there."

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