Can We Still Be Friends?

January 11, 2011
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Can We Still Be Friends?
No, you indubitably made your decision.
Your grotesque fingers waved goodbye.
You physically nudged me out of your life,
Yet neglected the distress and misery you deserted.

Yes, I adore roleplaying as your mother to nurture my naive son.
Go ahead and relax, put your feet up, and allow me to babysit.
I'll slave away to accommodate your every desire and disregard my own.
At least then I'll maintain a purpose in your life.

Can We Still Be Friends?
No, you promised me forever-always, baby,
But you decided to abide by your friends’ opinions instead of your heart’s.
You watched me gradually crumble into a thousand lifeless pieces,
Yet brushed me away like a slaughtered mosquito under your palm.

Yes, your new girlfriend and I get along swimmingly.
We are more compatible than Barbie and Teresa.
I love watching my best friend step into my Dream House
And slyly embezzle Ken's love and affection.

Can We Still Be Friends?
No, I excused your deceptions and infidelities for years.
You significantly impacted my life, and I wanted to change for you.
I disposed of Sandra Dee just to please my Danny,
But now, I need to reestablish my self-esteem and stitch my heart back together.

Yes, I appreciate your qualities of a phenomenal relationship:
Thank you for all the promises you didn't intend to keep.
Thank you for all the lies you said but didn't actually mean.
Thank you for all the secrets you divulged to the public.

Can We Still Be Friends?
Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question? No Way!
After recuperating, I must continue my life story.
It's my turn to bid you adieu and break my promises.

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