What If

January 11, 2011
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Little girl
Sprawled out on the floor
Crying a stream of tears down her baby face
Hair looking as if a tornado just passed
After she attempted to do it, but failed miserably.
Imagining if her sister was there
She would make her look as stunning as Cinderella the day of the ball
But she wasn’t
So there she laid, the hopeless little girl
Sobbing in her room filled with what ifs
Shedding every last strand of hope she has left
Onto the cold, heartless floor

What if my sister was still here?
Would we be best friends or always be at each others throats?

Or what if my whole family was still around?
Would we still celebrate Christmas the way we used to,
Or would those traditions fade away like clouds after a storm?

Or what about if he never left?
Would we be madly in love,
Or would our relationship have crumbled like a demolished building?

The human brain is a 24 hour factory
Constantly over working,
Constantly over analyzing every situation
Every move we make

Our mentality
Is to constantly question,
Constantly quiz ourselves about our decisions we have made
Like a strict teacher who gives daily exams
Leaving our brains
Drowning in a sea of what ifs
Not being able to catch a breath of air
Because we put ourselves down so far
It’s nearly impossible to get back up!

There is a constant wanting
To fulfill that missing piece of the puzzle
In our brain
That will never be found

So where do we go from here?
When our brain is as crowded with what ifs
As an apartment housing a family of ten kids

We have to dismiss those regrets
The second they walk through the door
Realizing everything happens for a reason
And you’ll never truly be happy
Until you kick those thoughts out
Without a second look back
Because if you don’t
You’ll never be able to stop saying what if
As you miss your chance to be grateful for what is

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