Breaking Free of Your Nonsense

January 11, 2011
By theskinnyonlife GOLD, Saint Louis, Missouri
theskinnyonlife GOLD, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Carry your own bags,
Do your own s***,
When I say goodbye,
Save your pitiful fits,

Overflowing with kindness,
But with a leash around my neck,
I was like a working dog,
Without a paycheck,

Your stupid sayings,
Your impatient threats,
Did I meet your requirements,
Or did you always think I was a reject,

You strut down the halls,
With a smirk on you face,
You may have a good figure,
But you should be put in your place,

I heard all the rumors,
You gave me the lies,
Everyone who you think loves you,
Thinks you're the Lord of the Flies,

You hold your head high,
But your values and morale are pretty low,
You got money to blow,
But do you really know,

I tried to tell you,
But I got sucked back in,
Into your dirty state of mind,
And forced to only look from behind,

Here's your leash,
Keep the s***,
I will never get hypnotized,
By your empty respect,

This is goodbye,
No more hellos,
You will never be above me,
Just clearly below.

The author's comments:
This is about a friendship I've had since sixth grade and the realization that it wasn't a good one.

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