Control Me

January 11, 2011
Some guys I never let control me
Most boys don’t dare to try
I let the majority of women walk all over me
Because I know one day they will see
The are not any better than me
Not in any way
The only girl I let rule over me
Is my number one
No one could ever take her from me
Not even god’s son
Death nor illness will never tear our hearts apart
Just as I let him control me
In hopes of getting in
Through to his heart
So we both could have somewhat of a brand new start
He is so sweet
So kind
Baby, will you be mine?
Though I may give him full authority
He never seems to use it
And that’s what I love
I feel like I don’t need someone to guide me to you
I know you by your smile
Y our laugh
Your face I could not miss
If I walked past
Baby, I’ll be yours
You’ll be mine
And we could make this last

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