Broken Memories

January 11, 2011
By TakePrideInEveryThingYouLove GOLD, Washougal, Washington
TakePrideInEveryThingYouLove GOLD, Washougal, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Emotions are as uniqe as the person who feels them. No one can ever feel the same about anything past a certain point. And it just so happens to be that not many people ever even catch sight of that crossroad in their life time." -Me.

It’s all over.
I’ve found a better way.
Don’t even bother asking.
Because now I’ll be okay.
Not another of those awful fights.
Or those rainy days.
Or any of those late, violent nights.
You lied to me.
Now you’re merely a photograph.
Of what used to be.
Like those days you used to tickle me until I
almost peed my pants.
Or those stupid-a** jokes that used to
make me laugh.
I would never rake those times back.
I loved you so dearly.
Even though you took everything I ever had.
Down to my last strained breath.

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