I Wish...I Used to Be...and I am...

January 11, 2011
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I wish...
Sometimes I could have a second chance at life.
Learn to live a little better.
Be a little freer.

And I wish...
I could be forgiven the sins which I commit.
I could love my family and maybe be loved in return.

I wish...
I was better at everything I lack.
To be loved for who I am rather than because I was born.
To be a choice rather than an obligation.
To be a friend, daughter, sister, and lover. Not who I pretend to be.

I used to be...
An adventure
Seeking thrills with my pillow.
I used to be a world undivided,
A Pangaea; a continent of my own.
I used to be a dove,
With a graceful neck and a longing
For things of natural beauty.

I am undivided.
A world unknown.
A sea, of pale and endless skin,
A love with a heart of gold.
I am a freedom fighter
Dancing between the sweat of two sheets.
I am a lover,
Hiding behind the safety on the frontlines of my pillow.
I am a planet.
All my own dancing on my own orbit.

I am a country,
A home to my lover,
A harbor to my children,
And a mother to my friends.
You cannot find me,
Until I call your name.
I am a soldier.
Wounded on lines of war.
A war of the heart.
I ride my horse throughout an endless sea
And fall into the sky.
I am who I dean to be.
I am Skye.

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