Three Words, A Million Promises, One Broken Heart

January 14, 2011
By Stubbleo77 SILVER, Garden City, Michigan
Stubbleo77 SILVER, Garden City, Michigan
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yesterday you came back to my life again.

i'm facing this reoccuring struggle.

i finally reach the top and get a breath, then you pull me back under.

my lungs can't take much more.


the thought of you took me to a place where we spent many days.

the sun on our faces, and the sound of your laughing.

for a moment this place made me sad because as the seasons changed and got colder, 

so did your feelings.

i forgot that you were only human and that i had put you on a pedistal.

you were my superhero, and you saved me.

the longer i stayed in this place the more fresher the memories remained.


the more i rememebered, the more it hurt.

i trudged home, a path i've walked a million times before

and raised a glass, for i knew now it was time to move on.

you aren't mine anymore. but it kills me to say;

that i'll always be here at the end of the day.

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