When I am Scared

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

God is here
God is there
God is with me when I am scared
Everyday and every night I pray to the lord with all my might
Through the fighting and through the shouting, all I hear is the world around me
Through the banging and through the breaking, all I feel is my heart shaking
Every night and everyday all I do is pray, pray, pray
I pray for the mother who let me down, who brought me here and drug me around
I pray for the father who had his turn when all he did was hurt, hurt, hurt
I pray for the sister who fixed it all, even though all she wanted was to fall
I pray for the brother who stood up when everything started caving in
I pray for the family that took me in, even though my heart was so thin
I pray for the friends who are there for it al, even when I started to fall
Everyday and every night, I look up high to see the stars shine bright
I know he's out there somehow somewhere
I know he's out there for my savior is near
God is here
God is there
God is with me when I am scared

The author's comments:
I have had a rough life. One day in my bible literacy class our teacher told us to write a poem or story about how we feel. At first i only had the l;ast part, but once I got home i couldn't get it out of my head.And all of a sudden i couldn't stop writting.

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