January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

This advice I lend shall not prosper
For it is I who does not follow
Hypocrisy takes and inhabits my inner workings
For what has happened?
Remarkable the phase in which dominates
It is calling my name
It yearns for my tender sweet blood
For it is this that transforms me
This is not for me, this I cannot tolerate
It burns from within
I feel it as it rises and feeds off my worries and contemplating fears
I, a self war and battle
Violence is not my calling
Yet it lurks in the pit I purge
What is this, this guise in which slowly gains control?
My happiness fades as the force from within banishes it to the point of no return
The grim is awaiting its late arrival
Help me, help me
For conquering this feat, I cannot alone
For the predator is present....

The author's comments:
The wicked and twisted thoughts that fester within power the emotions between the lines.

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