January 4, 2011
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Can't make it any better
Nothing can ever be done
It's too much work
I'd rather take the easy way out
I am weak, useless
I-I need to
It needs me as much as I need it
The release, the pain
My own personal high is bliss
Nothing comes above it
I gave into temptation
Worthless, stupid, mindless fool
What's there to be proud of?
Horrible failure.
It was only once, it's all done
Later, I need to
I really really need to
Damn it! Why can't I stop?
I don't want this
I don't need this
Yes, I do
Thsi is my life
I don't have a life anymore
This addiction, this deadly addiction has taken away my life
Forever live with the pain and suffering of one decision
One stupid, mindless decision
I thought it was a one day thing
God was I wrong

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