The Papers to Write You Off

January 6, 2011
By Anonymous

What if it were different, thinking about before.

Economy just right, now everything's undone;

what is this meaning? Value gone down.

Chain reaction set off, everything's gone.

And what my morals mean to me, effected more than before.

Attack the wrong the person and you might catch yourself a bad one.

Especially with the days being so long,

trying to look for the source but the source appears to be gone,
trying to get you to fund college but you say you don’t have the funds.

What is this meaning, when I’m out of work?

You payed over 3000 dollars in the blink of an eye, so what’s up.

Your gonna lie to your children and then say you was there for us,

and then try to pen us against mom...for what?

The stuff you don’t do tends to add up.

Don't bash the man who birthed those loins? Okay,
but in the same right, don’t rob me, dis-figure me and call me your boy.

If you don’t got me pop, then what are you here for?

To tell my oldest brother school is the death of everyone?
Don’t forget to add that you can’t stand success that exceeds yours.

Or that ever since we were born you had plans to do us wrong.

Does this mean that in your poor soul, quality is lost?

I have love running through my veins so I have faith in everyone.

When you change for the better, I’ll be here to talk,

but until then deuces, adios, arrivederci, sayonara, good bye and good luck.

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