Breathe In

January 12, 2011
By SaMmybAbii34 BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
SaMmybAbii34 BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
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We find

Inside ourselves

Things we never thought we would

Our well kept secrets.
Inner desires

They are pulled out of us by a string that tugs at our hearts
It weakens them, or makes them stronger

Each breath we take is like

Breathing in the innocence

And impurities of the world around us

We learn to adapt, to grow, to change
To survive
To heal, and be wounded, and wound others

Sometimes our souls leak desperation
From this containment,
inside this box that we carry with us

We find inside our own Pandora’s box

Disaster, destruction and a glimpse of hope

Our morals soon mean nothing to our bleeding souls
that call out in the dark for the things we once had
The things that kept us safe, and protected

We become savages

Just another part of the untamed world we live in,

But all the hope in this world doesn’t wash the pain away

One day we lose our innocence

Our well kept secrets have a way of getting out.

We can not patch the holes in our hearts
so we make holes in the hearts of those around us

Then we breathe out…

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