January 13, 2011
By Elizabeth Shereff BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
Elizabeth Shereff BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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I lie in bed and wait
I wait at the bus stop
for the bus to come
along and allow me on board

I would gladly pay my fee
and hand over control to the senile driver
or even take a seat in the back
where potholes create jarring jumps

but the transit is running late
heavy traffic, maybe
or even a robbery where men in masks
demand jewelry from trembling passengers

so, as I wait, I pace the sidewalk
turning in bed as fiery scenes
walk through my imagination-
ideas preventing sleep, sleep preventing ideas

at three in the morning I give up on the bus
choosing to walk
but instead of walking into blessed oblivion
I go downstairs and turn on the TV

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