Crazy or Courageous

January 13, 2011
By Wilson21 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Wilson21 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Courage flies high in the sky
Standing near the cargo hatch of the small plane

About to jump from 30,000 feet

With only some rope and cloth to slow the fall

Courage walks to the edge of the cliff
And quickly turns and walks away

Only to turn around and sprint right off the cliff

Plummeting to the bottom

Hoping there are no rocks in the water below

Courage stands atop the halfpipe
With a board and four wheels under his feet

Hoping to make it down the 16-foot drop

On his feet rather than his face

Courage holds his ground at the battlefront
With bullets whizzing past him all around

Hearing the cries of his fallen comrades

Pushing back the enemy insurgents

Courage runs into the building
While everyone else runs out

Flames shoot out the windows

And smoke billows into the sky

I run into the building

To make sure no one will die.

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