Violent intention

January 13, 2011
By MaximumCool BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
MaximumCool BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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He's not hateful
Just not to be bothered.
Doesn't know much about his Mother, father.
Probably lacks compassion
Still always acting it
The more eyes the more he, Contracts it.

As apathetic as a murderous mohel At a Mormom Baptist
With a serrated blade
An ability to contain
A tight lipped mouth but a loose brain.
He's drunk and blind
In hind,
Sight, he probably shouldn't circumcise.

God's eyes are blind because he
Traditional guilt signs.
Should put a mutilation of a past time
It's over. Talk to us.

There must be a better method to
Observe a message
Than laying us to wreckage.
Standing attentive
Obsessive thoughts with violent, intention.

Face it.
You're a nice guy but a homicidal insane dick.

The kind of person who could birth
Something not of this Earth
With a muscle mass equal to Charles Bennett.
Not a fan of MMA, but it rhymed. Im behind.
On time.

Breath smelling like baking soda
Bad skin, pure evil grin.
As much luck getting into Christian heaven then a
Cannibalistic Hindu cow working at seven eleven.

A self parody
but even that would lack clarity.
What kind of an example is a cliche group of kids who licked lead and ate paint chips.
A good one.
Cause it makes no sense and seems counterproductive.
Like you.

Maybe never meant,
To be looked up to.
A symbol of what to avoid instead,
But still

Nelson Mandela
would be less annoyed by an urban
Muslim fortune teller.

You're useless
now go write a poem about it.

The author's comments:
Violent intention
Missed a dose of medicine
Grind up your intestines
producing venison.

Time for a second sermon,
Undeserving of your birth,
spawned from a crushed,

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