His Wrath

January 13, 2011
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“Boy, get to your room;
Shut up, Get up those steps, now!”
Replied Big Ty very tempered voiced
Angrily and frustrated, I walk up the steps
Up to my room, where it is dark and silent
Very frown-face, I slam my door
I sit alongside the edge of my bed
My room is dark like solitary
Quiet, Silent,
So silent, I can hear cars drive by
Passing on the main road
Three blocks away
It’s just me, in my room, in the dark
As I sit, I start to think about what happened
He and I arguing earlier
“Why didn’t this man trust me?”
“Why did he not let me hang out with Ant?”
It was only 9:30 at night when I left

A moment later, my bedroom door opens
He steps in my room
He asks “Why are you in the dark?”
I remain silent as he turns on the light
He grabs a chair and takes a seat
He states
“Look Ty, lets talk about me blowing up earlier;
I only got mad because you left without informing me of your destination
And time of the night”
“I don’t mean to frighten you, I was worried,” Big Ty mentioned
It’s dark and dangerous outside nowadays
He tells me that I’m his first and he loves me
He states he doesn’t want anything to happen to me
“I love you Boy” and “Can you forgive me?”
He sticks outs his hands,
“No man” I say. “I will not shake your hand”
I open my arms wide
“But you can get a hug back”
He hugs me as I hug back
It feels peaceful, this moment
Knowing and understanding why earlier
“My Father’s wrath”
It was because he loves me,
his son Tyrone “Lil Ty” Norwood Jr.

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