Memories of Me

January 12, 2011
I tried to remember
only the best of you.
But the bruises
kept taking me back
to the times
you were a weapon -
your hands used to shatter
the best of me.

I tried to forget
all of the worst of you.
But the scars
keep telling the stories
of the times
you tore me into pieces -
your words used to carve out
the worst of me.

I tried to stop crying
about the distortion of you.
But the way my heart breaks
keeps pulling me back
to all of the times
you've twisted everything -
and made a distortion of me.

I try to move on
from the memories of you.
But I'm haunted by them, they
keep dragging me back
to everyday we spent together -
you changed everything,
changed to memories of me.

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