Invaluable Sight

January 12, 2011
She stands on the balcony,
Looking at that never-ending view,
The beach goes on for miles and miles,
The ocean whispers to her too.
The wind in her hair,
That sunset out there,
Oh that invaluable sight.

She hears a flurry of laughter,
And it brings her inside,
As she finds her grandmother and little sister,
Reading a book, nestled at the bedside.
The room filled with such love,
What a gift from above.
Oh that invaluable sight.

The sun rises the next morning,
And she heads out on her canoe,
In the stillness of the morning,
In the calm of the blue,
She can simply quiet her mind,
And something special she may find,
Oh that invaluable sight.

As she ends her peaceful ride,
She starts to head back,
At this time she notices a youngster trip and fall,
As he hits the pavement with a smack.
She did not think twice,
But ran to him so fast,
She held him in her arms,
And the crying ceased at last.
Little did she know,
The mom was nearby,
All along watching this scene,
And the caring actions that apply.
What may have seemed to her like an unseen deed,
Turned into one that had planted a seed.
Oh that invaluable sight.

As day becomes night,
And dinner is near,
The family gathers together,
With joy and cheer.
Before they begin to eat,
They bow their heads to pray,
And give thanks to their great God,
Who gives them this day.
Hand in hand,
They all understand.
Oh that invaluable sight.

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