January 11, 2011
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Ignorance should be a politician
Going around to Small Town, USA…
Shaking hands and kissing babies.
He should speak in an accent he doesn’t have
To appeal to whom he is talking to
And wear that typical blue suit
With his American flag pin.
When he gets elected he will join congress
And walk into the congressional chamber
Standing in shock and awe.
He should walk out to his GMC SUV
With his proposal for lower CO2 emotions
Not knowing what he is even doing.
He should sit in congress voting congress pay raises
Because he knows the Republicans can’t possibly come back
After an amazing Democratic surge
Ignorance should only look out for himself
And not to which the community that elected him.
He votes on the Health care bill,
Cause it’s the cool thing to do
Not knowing he lost his health care…
And his job in two years.

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