Magical Places

January 11, 2011
Sometimes I like to imagine
That I can close my eyes and escape
My spirit flying free of my body
Leaving behind all worldly concerns
I can be
The cool night breeze that tugs through the rolling grass
I can be
The bird that soars high above the ground
Trilling its delight
I can be
The tree that stands tall and proud
My arms stretched up to the blue
That I can be
The sun
Blinding and brilliant
Fierce and warm
Guiding millions
Knowing that I am invincible
I can be
The delighted laughter of a child
Caught in the magic of winters first snowfall
I can be
The leaf in a gentle freefall to the forest floor below
I can be
A shooting star blazing across the indigo sky
Into nothingness
I can be
The sky a holder of all emotions, painting the sky
I close my eyes and imagine all that I am

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