Susan's Poem

January 11, 2011
Nearly a year ago today, you were gone
I sat upstairs typing, writing, doing work
We knew it was coming, but we didn't know how long
Then a quavering voice, accompanied by a tear stained face, made my heart go berserk

It seems like only yesterday you taught me how to cook
I learned quickly and caught on fast
It seems like only yesterday you told me what those men took
And that impression will always last

Wasn't it yesterday that you were smiling and happy, alive?
Or was that longer ago than I like to think?
Yes. January 13th, the day you died
The day my spirit began to sink

It had to have been yesterday that you were telling me the stories of your youth
The good and bad alike were said
But it was not yesterday, the unbearable truth.
January 13th, 2010, the day we found you dead

Susan, please come back. Mother needs you, she needs her best friend.
My sisters, me, we all miss you
I need you, my other mother, my best friend until my end
My protector, defender, you were too hard to lose.

That is why I sit here and weep and cry out to you
I just want you to hold me one last time
For when you died you had been too weak to
Just a final embrace to hold onto for my lifetime

Susan, we still need you, please just come home
But you can't, can you? You're too far away
I feel like for the past year I've been a drone
And we can't see you, or hear what you say.

I almost died this year when I was hit by that car,
Did you save me from being hurt even more?
I didn't hurt my head or internal organs, and no complications thus far,
I injured my knee, had surgery, but did you save me when I flew through the air? Or is that just a wishful folklore?

Susan, please hear my voice that you loved so well
I remember you and my mother crying when my sister and I sang.
"Schmooboo, Kennin, that was swell!!"
And we just laughed and then BANG

You told us one day you were sicker than we'd thought
We found out it was cancer, multiple myeloma invaded our life
The doctor eventually said the cancer was caught
Then it was back with a vengeance, like a thief in the night

It was back and it stayed until you died
Slowly at first, then more and more fast it came
It seemed like it hit you and you were fried
But we all know, you put up the tough girl facade just the same

Susan,if you can hear me, please know I love you
I miss you more and more everyday and wish you were still here with all my heart
I just wish I have sung one more song, and I wish you knew
You were the only person who could keep me together when I was falling apart

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