I Am.

January 10, 2011
By KatiePachner BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
KatiePachner BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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In a world of goddesses, I am a butterfly.
They are born perfect while I undergo metamorphosis.
I am a wallflower in a garden of tulips.
While I remain silent, everyone speaks with two lips.
When I think, Pandora’s box is opened.
Endless possibilities are silenced by chaos in the garden.

My world is seen through eyes of emerald,
but experiences are masked by shielding lenses.
In a world full of glitter, I am the dust,
looking similar, but not the same.
When rainbows soar, I am the falling raindrops.
The colors admired, the puddles avoided.

In a universe of supernovas, I am a black hole.
Bright colored brilliance shadowing the unforgiving mystery.
In this life of opportunity, I coldly close the door,
but I will find my place by escaping through the window.

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