January 10, 2011
Some Pray for Money,
Others for Food,
Or Fame, or Love, or Life,
Some Pray for Peace, for Health, for Conscience, for Luck at Dice,
I Pray only for Friendship
For what is more Noble?
What is more Pure?
What has more Weight to it's Title?
Nothing can hold a Flame so Sure,
As that which Burns for Friendship
So give me your Love,
Give me your Hate,
Bring me your Desires to Fill,
Your Needs, Your Hopes, Your Passion Innate,
But give me your Friendship as well
Through Love and Lust,
Through Passion and Pride,
Through Greatness and Greed,
Through Wandering and War,
From Dawn to Dusk,
From Tide to Tide,
From Each Misdeed,
To Murder and More,
Take what you Must,
Hinder or Hide,
But Always Remember our Friendship
If Passion Fades, as Passion does,
Remember we always have Friendship,
If new Love Comes and Old Fades,
Remember we always have Friendship,
If Bitterness Breaks and Embattles our Bond,
Still, on shall Live Friendship,
Through Life, Love, Hate, Fate, and Death,
I Vow,
Here and Forever,
To Always Remember our Friendship
For I find more Honor,
More Love, More Life,
In one thing above any Other,
I Pray with Strength,
I Pray Always,
I Pray only for Friendship

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