January 10, 2011
By AMLMDOY BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
AMLMDOY BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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Sunlight is our enemy,and blood is our energy.
Carrying our our life fore in death,to break the curse and save the wraith.
Answer to our royal bloods,order us to stop the floods.
Our pain in no mercy on the victim,the match and guard is to taint them.
Following gravestones to the caretakers bed,awake the fire that seers the undead.
Flames of the underworld tear at our souls,pale lifeless bodies pay the toll.
Mortals of earth become our daily bread,no sympathy for the tears that they shed.
creatures of the nightthat lived for day,the moon and the stars are our only way.
Guardians protect us from danger and harm,the shifters guide us to the safe and warm.
Vampyre knights and Vampyre kings,all the same honor and falshy things.
We infect the blood in your viens, come to us when you change.

The author's comments:
...........I guess i never really got past my vampyre phase............

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