January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Picture this: your standing outside under a warm sunny sky,
the breeze is perfect; not to hot or too cold.
You kink of all the lovely memories you’ve had
and many more yet to come.
You think of how perfect life really is,
the pictures never fading away,
you remember telling her ‘we’ll live forever;
just you and me and our sweet perfect memories.’
It was then when you realized that promise you made
was broken and shattered years ago,
when she died of cancer and left her belongings behind.
Each day you glance over; touch nothing, but weep more and wine.
You think to that one lovely memory
‘ that day when it was just you and her,
nothing else mattered as long as you two were tighter,
you leaned a little closer and whispered
‘ we’ll live forever, happily tighter.’
You change your mind,
you think to your self
I wanna die, to rest forever.

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