Just Wait

January 10, 2011
By LittleRedd SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
LittleRedd SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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I stumble through life
I trip and fall
I can't always get up on my own
I call out to you

but you wont hear me
Do it yourself

it's all you ever tell me
I know you think you're helping

but you're just leaving me to drown
I try to do as you say

but I can't
You might be able to do it yourself

but not me
Don't you hear me cry at night
Do you just ignore it

or do you pause for a minute and

and think it over
I can't keep up with you

never could
You're always outdistancing me

why can't you wait up

just this once
I need you
Don't leave me here
I'm so lost
At least turn around and look at me

you can't always walk away

and I can't always try to catch up
I'm not going to follow you forever
I'm not allowed to be your baby sister any more

you won't let me
So now I'm walking away from you

towards people who actually care
And I'm not coming back

The author's comments:
This is about my relationship with my older brother. It's things i could never say to his face because I'm so terrified of his total abandonment.

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