To Late?

January 10, 2011
By poet20trey BRONZE, Elm Mott, Texas
poet20trey BRONZE, Elm Mott, Texas
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Let me know, Do I still have time to change?
Let me know, Have I told to many lies?
Let me know, Will I have see you again?
Are my tears lost in vain?
Can you see me here when I’m not there?
I hate what I was but now I’m myself.
So many faces that just were not me.
Here I stand with promises never to change again.
Let me know, Could you see my love all this time?
Let me know, If you know I ran when I couldn’t handle it?
Let me know, If can be blessed with another chance?
That guy you meet had made so many lies.
Maybe this isn’t another chance, maybe it’s a first.
This is a new me with nothing but the truth.
I’m helping and solving problems, can you see me?
I have changed and never going back to him.
There can be distance and the can be time.
In the heart is all that matters I can’t explain.
Love doesn’t change because you don’t see the person every day.
I suppose that is all I can say…

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is that I had been dating a girl for some time and we had a big fight about how I lied to everyone about who I was and how acted rudely towards everyone.

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