The Muffin I Never Had

January 10, 2011
By Lexi133 SILVER, Rockfall, Connecticut
Lexi133 SILVER, Rockfall, Connecticut
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The fall air was crisp
The warm sun shining bright
The birds chirped noisily
Not a cloud in sight.

We walked into the grocery store
My grandfather and I
Just a normal afternoon
With just a few things to buy.

The muffins were stored in a small glass box
My eyes drawn to them as soon as we walked in
Chocolate chip, blueberry, banana nut
And this is where my adventure begins.

I peered into the box
My tiny hands pressed against the glass
I wanted one so badly
Especially after a hard day of kindergarten class.

I turned around to ask my grandfather
If I could have just one
But to my surprise he wasn’t there
And at that point I knew I was done.

My palms began to sweat
My knees started to shake
My eyes filled with tears
And my stomach ached.

I couldn’t decide if I should stay there
Or try to look around
Until I saw my grandfather
Back turned, not making a sound.

I ran to him and pulled on his coat
To let him know I’m safe
But when he turned around, it wasn’t’ my grandfather
But an unfamiliar face.

I began to feel sick again
Not knowing what to do next
I looked up at the man in front of me
And he seemed very perplexed.

And then I saw him by the fruit
Not even having a clue
I was scared and terrified
And so to him I flew.

He looked down at me and smiled
As I grabbed him by the arm
He didn’t know what happened to me
Or that I could have been harmed.

I never told him what happened that day
Not even as we left the store
I didn’t even ask for the muffin
I wasn’t hungry anymore.

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