The Wind

January 10, 2011
By Lexi133 SILVER, Rockfall, Connecticut
Lexi133 SILVER, Rockfall, Connecticut
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She needed to get away
Away from stress
Away from worry
Just a place to relax.

And so without a word
She slips outside
And sits on the blanket of grass
That is only lightly covered with leaves.

She hears a bird
Chirping in the distance
And then a whisper in the wind
Brushes past her face.

She closes her eyes
Takes a deep breath
And concentrates
On the words written in the wind.

She watches the handful of leaves
That fall with each gust of wind
Floating carelessly
Down to the earth.

She focuses on her breathing
In and out, in and out
She has found it
Her place of total peacefulness.

And as she gets up
To return to the house
A small breeze
Sweeps across her face

She is in total relaxation
One with nature
And at this time she knows
She will be back again tomorrow.

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