I Can't wait

January 10, 2011
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I can’t wait to see what I haven’t seen
to hear what hasn’t yet reached my ears
to smell the flowers and pick the weeds
on the paths of time to come
I can’t wait to learn the lessons I have yet to read
to smile at people I haven’t met
I can’t wait to prick my finger
on the roses I’ll want to pick
Everything I haven’t done
I know I’ll get to eventually
I just want to know when
Where and how
Oh, yes, and of course the WHY!!!

Everything happens because it does
there’s no real thought or reason
or planning behind
It just does so it does

I guess

Like a snake in a swamp
A lake in a sea
I don’t quite belong
where I’d like to be

But nothing will stop me
I’ll get where I’m going
I’ll be there when I want to be

I’ll do as I wish to
I’ll be as I feel
I’ll take as I need to
give as I will

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