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January 10, 2011
By soniav1 SILVER, New City, New York
soniav1 SILVER, New City, New York
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Long black hair, almost down to my waist
About five more inches, then it can be donated
Dark brown eyes that aren’t exactly circular
More ovalish than anything
Glasses are always on, even for simple tasks
No reason, just a habit
A laugh that can be heard from a mile away
That’s how loud it is even when suppressed
And that laugh is heard A LOT
Big brown eyes or black, however you see them
They have seen happiness but
When you catch them when they’re looking
You can see the sadness that dwells deep inside
It seems that tears haven’t been shed in a long time
Lips are full and normal? As if they can be
The bottom is slanted when she smiles
This happens a lot just like you hear the laugh a lot
Always there when someone needs comforting
The tough one in the friendship, not afraid to fight for you
But are you willing to fight for her?
Stands strong even through the tough times
As tough as she seems, this is one funny person
Laughing at the corniest jokes and pick up lines
Makes her day go from bad to awesome
A super klutz too, you have no idea how she manages
To trip over her feet several times a day
All in all a klutzy girl with a soft spot for jokes….
And chocolate!

The author's comments:
i dont really like writing about my self so this is how i made fun of myself and opened up a bit at the same time

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