January 10, 2011
What kind of term is friendship?
Is it that upon which promises are made?
Or that on which broken deals are laid,
Is it a weak and fragile being?
Or is it strong and able to withhold anything
Is friendship a term of puny insolence?
Or a word to be held high with grand opulence

Am I merely ranting to you
Or do you really have a clue
Friendship is more than the promise of a companion
Or the flimsy whim of a child
Friendship is a bond that goes way down deep
Wraps around you heart
It’s a love you’ll keep

When you have a friend you’ll know for sure
To every problem he will have the cure

To every set back he tugs you on
When your feet don’t work he tells you to run

When the sun goes down and you’re tired and weak
He picks you up and sets you on our feet

He will never lie and always tells the truth
Even when it hurts he will pull you through

Your life means something when you meet this man
Who makes you smile and takes your hand

Through the thick and thin he’s there with you
No more than a friend but always true.

And so you have it the meaning of true friendship
Not a lie or a deal but a promise bestowed to your heart

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