He is Love

January 10, 2011
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If there were ever a word worthy
of capturing the essence of his smile,
that would be it.
Pure radiance.
The beauty of each morning's sunrise
is reflected back to me with every glimpse I catch
of his angelic grin.
His laugh lines accent the corners of the most
emotionally charged eyes I have ever looked in to.
The simplistic wonder of his happiness
exudes from those two portals to his soul
to the world.
Yet, all the while, the burdening sadness he carries within casts
a dark and demonic shadow over his deep brown vessels.
But despite everything,
they never fail to shine bright...
even in comparison to his rich, velvet skin.
His touch is nothing short of ecstasy.
Those smooth, slender fingers
glide so effortlessly over my skin,
sending goose bumps with every attempt they make
at calming my own trembling hands.
I have never met a more perfectly broken human being.
My soul yearns for his,
desperately burning to fill the cold void that he has allowed to ice over for years.
My heart strains to beat for the both of us,
its goal to warm his soul and keep it thawed for eternity.
My body craves his touch.
Every sensation is heightened when his being joins with mine.
Every emotion I possess seeps from my pores.
His love engulfs my body, and then...
I am indifferent to the world.
He is love.

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