SUCCESS is my girlfriend

January 9, 2011
By Thedorkyweirdo2.0 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Thedorkyweirdo2.0 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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You know, I never got those people who think life is just a joke,or those people who think life is just one big party. Possibly drowning their innovative thoughts in ciroc and bacardi, throwing up their sad misfourtunes on my beautiful girlfriend success. You see success gives me another version of sex, she pleasures me with endless hope and no regrets. She soothes my insecure soul with words of confidence and charisma, which i have yet to behold. She banishes me from temptation and reminds me of why i shouldn't be teen like, because she says you won't be a teen forever. She says it's time to take me into your arms, breathe me into your soul, so one day you can nourish the youth and change the world.She says don't be lured into the potrayed "american dream" of money,cars,clothes,hoes and bling.Not judging anybody or saying that it's a bad thing, but I want to be defined as more,give me more.Give me something so extravagant that even in a billion years from now the world still wouldn't be able to fathom it.Give me something so must-see that adam and eve rise from the dead just to take a peek. Yeah success is my girlfriend and i just might make her my wife.So go ahead waste your life party it up and joke around like it's alright, but success is mine.Me and my wife are mourning for you, because the saddest part about is she could be yours too.

The author's comments:
Anybody can have success but you have to want it

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