Imperfectly Beautiful

January 9, 2011
By infinitewallflower BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
infinitewallflower BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Everyone Deserves To Have Someone Who Is Unconditionally Crazy About Them.

Don’t change
The beauty that is your smile
Because they’re the gate
To the inner beauty
That is who you are
They may only judge the outside
But that doesn’t matter at all
Because whoever doesn’t have
The intelligence
To look beyond the exterior
They don’t deserve the
Person you really are

When I see your face
The butterflies start to fly
So that leaves me stuck here
With my stupid smile
You say things
That leaves me speechless
You and I confide to one another
I could not even imagine
Being that comfortable with any other

But if you think I’ve achieved perfection
Then I must contest
I’ve learned that the general vision
Of such status is out of my reach
Through attempts and no prevails
I’ve that being different
Being unique
Is the only method that avails

So ladies
Wash away the heavy make up
Burn the trampy clothes
Be the person
That your brain and heart compose
Because someone will love you as you are
It doesn’t matter if you don’t think
That you have a pretty face
Because someone who loves you for you
Won’t be looking at your appearance
They’ll be too busy
Adoring you as a person
As a whole
And as the mate to their soul
The one who makes their sun shine
Unconditionally loving you
Simply because
Of every aspect of you
And every single one
Of your imperfections

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