When i Cry

December 6, 2010
By TheRelation SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
TheRelation SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't look at where you fell, but where you slipped"-Cicero

I remember smiling.

I remember laughing

I remember knowing what happiness was

But now, all i know is death and guns

I remember crying

I remember pain

I remember all i use to tear up for

Not i can't cry that much

The tears never fall

But when they do,

they hit like hail on a car


When i cry,

i see the pain and heart ache

i get from the violence i see

on tv

When i cry,

i remember the teenagers

who have fallen prey to


I remember the happy times

Now all i see is people living

their darkest hour

I use to think of streamers

and birthdays and joy

Now, my thoughts are

covered by guns,

blood and funerals


dripping from the teenagers


The gun fired a bullet,

and the teenager fell prey

I remember, the tears and

pain his mother showed

I remember,

the friends and teachers

who showed no mercy to

the tissues

in which they wiped their

tears from

A white tissue, now wet and

falling apart from the tears

I wonder, did the attacker

feel any remorse

Did he feel the regret?

Or was his heart as black as coal?

And here i cry, everynight

I turn and move, fast and

slow, but yet i cant sleep

No rest comes to my mind

and body, as the baby next

door is crying

And i have no choice but to

cry with him

My tears fall faster then a

penny off the Sears tower

His sceaming increases,

his lungs gasp for air

And then, silence

I cry, looking out my window

as the police come

The baby is on the news,

he's pronounced dead

A victim to child abuse

A father on drugs

A mother on alcohol

Just a few months ago,

i saw him smiling

I saw this baby boy, happy

Laughing and joy all over

Yet today i see him,

in his casket, no more misery

or pain

I see this baby, with hand

prints on his neck and marks

from a knife on his cheek

I saw this baby boy,

with a smile big enough to

light up a dark alley

Yet today, silence is all I

recieve from his house

My heart beats fast

My fists are clenced

Anger pumps through my

body, through my veins,

like a patients heart being

jump started

Here, i cry

For the mothers and fathers who cry

For the soliders who risk their lives,

who only know the sound of

guns and combat knives

For the babies, who cry

For the gang bangers who

want to change but keep

getting dragged back

For this World of hate, the

cold days and ugly sunshine

The night moon, and the

dead silence in each


I cry, my heart aches,

my fists clenced, i cry

And yet i don't know when

the tears will stop falling

from eyes

But here i stand, talking to

you, so many attempts and tears,

No more fear, only tears and


yet I have hope

That my tears will be

replaced with smiles once


The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece. I thought about violence among our young teenagers. These kids are young and have a full life ahead of them. People say life goes on and what not. Yes they are right, but the way I see it. These kids had so much potential, some victims of violence were innocent good hearted kids. It just hurts. I hope by reading my poem, kids will see violence is not the answer and it affects people more then you know. Please help stop the violence

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