In the sand

November 29, 2010
By xXxcutie21xXx BRONZE, Kingsland, Georgia
xXxcutie21xXx BRONZE, Kingsland, Georgia
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I was on the beach sitting in sand
When I felt your warmth take my hand
You picked me up in your arms
You won me over with all your charms
You rushed to the water, still holding me
And fell straight backwards into the sea
I asked to get up yet you didn’t move
I looked at the sea that was suddenly smooth
I felt your back and pulled out a knife
I looked up at the man who ended your life
It was me
I couldn’t believe it
I wouldn’t believe it
I dragged you up on the beach
And in the sand I wrote a speech
I dug a grave overseeing the bay
Which forever you shall lay
Tonight and forever
You lay in the sand

The author's comments:
I wrote this to tell everyone that we all have some evil in us and that we cannot get rid of it, we can only surpress it.

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